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  • PVC insulation tape, Double sided tissue
  • Foam, Polyester, Vinyle, Kraft, Cloth, Fibre reinforced, Acrylic, Solvent, Mirror mounting, Very high bonding tape
  • Panelling, Paper masking, Krafting, Fine line masking, High temperature, Hot and Cold insulating material tape
  • Water re-activated, Roof sealing, Tarpaulin waterproof, Butyle rubber tape, barricading tape
  • High tensile teflon cloth, Metalic, Aluminium foil copper foil, Gold and Silver foil, Decorative lamination tape
  • Cushioning compound, Fibre glass, Surface protection tape, Die cut customised, Anticorrosive, Bio-degradable tape
  • Single sided and Double sided cloth, Plate-mounting, Floor marking, Masking, Anti-skid, Kaliko cloth binding tape
  • Floral soft grip tape, Single sided foam tape, Double released double faced and etc